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2024 | Blog – Why Choose Non-Circular Core Silica Optical Fibers?

With a wide range of silica optical fibers available to choose from, it can be difficult to know which to apply to your fiber optics tools and technology. Each type of fiber comes with their own unique benefits and may suit certain applications more than others.

Fibers are often comprised of silica. This material is robust and can resist chemicals and reduce the amount of scattering that is lost. With that said, if you are searching for specialty optical fibers made from silica, one of your first considerations should be non-circular core silica optical fibers.

Non-circular core silica optical fibers are evolving optical fiber applications. Instead of using a standard circle shape for their core, non-circular core silica optical fibers are fashioned in other geometries, such as rectangular, or octagonal.

The strength of non-circular core silica optical fibers comes from their versatile configurations. They can be engineered to suit a broad spectral range (300 – 2400 nanometers). This enables them for advanced applications like spectroscopy and lasers.

Now that you understand the basics of non-circular core silica fibers, let’s learn more about their advantages. That way you can understand why you should use them in your own research or projects!

1. Unprecedented Control over Light Distribution

Non-circular core silica optical fibers excel in providing unprecedented control over light distribution. This is a critical aspect in fiber optics. These fibers facilitate advanced beam shaping, mode conversion, and courtesy of their tailored refractive index profiles.
Unlike conventional single-mode fibers, where light propagation is symmetric, non-circular core fibers allow for the customization of fiber design. Changing its design means it can achieve desired light distribution patterns.

2. Superior Sensing Capabilities at High Temperatures

The enhanced sensing capabilities of non-circular core silica optical fibers, especially at high temperatures, set them apart in the fiber optics field. These fibers’ ability to maintain a stable refractive index profile under extreme conditions makes them ideal for environments where traditional optical fibers may falter.
Alongside this, its sustained refractive index profile is particularly beneficial for applications requiring precise environmental monitoring across a wide temperature range. This means it can leverage the unique light-matter interaction within the fiber.

3. Enhanced Efficiency in Multimode

Non-circular core silica optical fibers contribute to enhanced efficiency in multimode fibers. The innovative design of non-circular core silica optical fibers facilitate improved light transmission and manipulation, optimizing the fiber’s performance.

4. Homogenous Power Distribution

The non-circular core design of these fibers allows for a more homogeneous power distribution across the output beam, compared to traditional circular core fibers. This means that the power or intensity of the light transmitted through these fibers is distributed evenly or uniformly over the fiber’s cross-section, rather than having a non-uniform or concentrated distribution. This is particularly beneficial for applications like laser surface treatments, where a uniform energy distribution is desirable for consistent material processing.

Are You Ready to Use Silica Optical Fibers?

Non-circular core silica optical fibers represent a leap forward for fiber optic technology. Their extensive abilities have allowed them to be included in advanced fields, like astronomy to help with the transfer of signals, tools, including endoscopes, and areas of research, such as nonlinear optics for studying four-wave mixing and the Kerr effect.

Non-circular core silica optical fibers represent optical fiber innovation at its finest. The customization capabilities of these fibers will continue to enhance fiber optic technology.

If you think that non-circular silica optical fibers are going to be an essential part of your research, we invite you to consider our own products. Here at Armadillo, we are dedicated to helping you find the best fiber solution. So please make sure to take your time browsing through our non-circular core silica optical fibers.

Utilize our non-circular core silica optical fibers and see how they can improve the effectiveness of your technology!

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