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All Assemblies

We offer a comprehensive line of cables, custom-designed to meet your needs and specifications. From cluster arrays to multiple branches of individual fibers, our assemblies offer limitless options in fiber length, jackets, and connectors that are the right fit for your application. Not sure where to start? We’re here to collaborate with you, providing expert support for even the most complex technical requirements.

ArmD® Fiber Bundles

Armadillo SIA ensures the highest quality and best transmission for fiber optic bundles, while working within the boundaries of your application. In order to optimize your bundle, we take several parameters into consideration: packing efficiency, fiber area efficiency, numerical aperture optimization, fiber transmission, reflections, and an error factor (which includes numerical aperture discrepancies).

ArmD® Fiber Cables

Armadillo SIA provides a comprehensive line of assemblies, cable assemblies, bifurcated assemblies, patch cords, bundles, and more – all custom designed to your specifications. Not sure what you need? Not a problem! We’ll work with you to develop a custom solution for your application. We will support even the most technical requirements

ArmD® Vacuum Feedthroughs

Armadillo’s pressure and vacuum feedthroughs ensure exceptional reliability and smooth operation, catering to even the most demanding applications. Tailored to your specifications, our vacuum feedthroughs come in various cell, flange, and port designs, making them ideal for a wide range of wavelengths.

ArmD® Collimators

Our collimators and focusing devices (beam-shaping) for optical systems are ideal for UV to NIR applications, and can be used with most assemblies or bundles. Our unique design is available in three convenient sizes that can accommodate nearly any size fiber: Small – for fibers up to 400 microns; Medium – for fibers up to 800 microns; and Large – for larger fibers. Our Medium and Large collimators and focusing devices are compatible with each other.

ArmD® Liquid Lightguides

Our light guides are offered in diverse cross-sections, complemented by a variety of sleeve types tailored to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide a choice of connectors with up to four poles and different cladding options – PVC or Silicone. 

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