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Our Products

From custom preforms to raw fiber and finished sub-assemblies, we are our customers’ optical fiber expert, resource, and trusted adviser. We serve a diverse range of industries, providing them with both stock and custom specialty fiber solutions.

Standard Fused Silica

Superior performance and transmission from UV to MIR spectra: Armadillo SIA Standard Fused Silica fibers are available in a range of core/clad diameter ratios, numerical apertures, and coatings tailored to your specific application needs.

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High Numerical Aperture

Armadillo SIA’s high numerical aperture optical fibers redefine possibilities in applications that rely on superior numerical aperture values. Numerical Aperture (NA) fundamentally influences optical fiber performance by determining its light-gathering ability and the amount of light that can be transmitted efficiently, crucial for achieving exceptional precision in various optical applications.

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Non-Circular Core

Armadillo SIA offers non-circular core fibers, available in rectangular, square, octagonal, and various core/clad geometries for applications where precision in the output beam shape and uniformity is crucial.

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Specifically designed for deep UV applications, our ArmD® UV NSS fiber offers excellent solarization resistance and extra stability as well as improved performance in radiation environment for a wide variety of applications.

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Specialty Fibers

Our Specialty Optical Fibers excel in spectral transmission across an extensive range from 180nm to 18,000nm, featuring minimal optical losses and exceptional coupling efficiency. Available with numerical apertures spanning 0.06 to 0.57 and core diameters from 40 to 2000 µm, these fibers offer unparalleled versatility.

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All Fibers

Discover our specialized custom optical fibers tailored for diverse light delivery applications. With capabilities spanning core sizes from 20um to 2,000um and customized NA values, our specialty fibers accommodate wavelengths across the spectrum from deep UV to MIR, ensuring solutions finely tuned to your needs.

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Manufacturing custom bundle configurations is our specialty. Our high-quality fiber optic bundles can be made with any fiber and your choice of several configuration possibilities. A number of connectors, including all standard connectors – or custom ferrules, machined in-house – are available.

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Armadillo offers a diverse range of patch cables, pig-tails, and high-power cables tailored precisely to your needs. Our end-to-end control ensures adherence to the highest quality standards and fiber optic properties, including broad temperature tolerance, resistance to laser damage, specialized jackets for extreme conditions, consistent core/cladding ratios, and versatile lengths, all designed with non-magnetic, biocompatible materials and anti-reflective coating for optimal performance.

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All Assemblies

We offer a comprehensive line of cables, custom-designed to meet your needs and specifications. From cluster arrays to multiple branches of individual fibers, our assemblies offer limitless options in fiber length, jackets, and connectors that are the right fit for your application. Not sure where to start? We’re here to collaborate with you, providing expert support for even the most complex technical requirements.

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