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Standard Fused Silica

Superior performance and transmission from UV to MIR spectra: Armadillo SIA Standard Fused Silica fibers are available in a range of core/clad diameter ratios, numerical apertures, and coatings tailored to your specific application needs.

ArmD® UVWFS Broadband

Introducing ArmD® UVWFS Broadband by Armadillo: A remarkably low-loss solution optimized for wavelengths ranging from 200 nm to 2000 nm. This innovative fiber harnesses the combined properties of UV and WF fibers, tailored for a spectrum of technical applications, including broad spectroscopy and precision Astronomy Instruments.


ArmD® UV, ArmD® WF

Armadillo’s high quality ArmD® UV and ArmD® WF fibers showcase outstanding performance and transmission across a wide spectrum, from deep UV to MIR. Explore an array of jacket types and sizes, including customizable options designed to match your exact specifications.


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