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Discover our specialized custom optical fibers tailored for diverse light delivery applications. With capabilities spanning core sizes from 20um to 2,000um and customized NA values, our specialty fibers accommodate wavelengths across the spectrum from deep UV to MIR, ensuring solutions finely tuned to your needs.

ArmD® Plus UV WF

As the innovative leader of the fiber optic industry Armadillo is proud to introduce its new line of high NA silica/silica optical fiber – Armd® Plus. Featuring double cladding layers, Plus fibers offer exceptional performance from the deep UV to the MIR. Armd® Plus fibers are an exceptional option for a broad range of applications, from laser delivery to sensing.


ArmD® HUV and ArmD® HWF hard polymer-clad fibers offer high numerical apertures to suit a broad range of applications, from remote illumination to photodynamic therapy. This high-quality fiber is a cost-effective alternative to silica/silica fibers. Explore our range of jacket types and sizes, including customizable options crafted to precisely meet your specifications.


Armadillo’s plastic-clad silica fibers ensure high transmission values across UV to NIR wavelengths, catering to applications ranging from remote illumination to high-power laser delivery and spectroscopy. Our ArmD® PUV and PWF fibers, excelling in UV and MIR transmission, provide full bio-compatibility and cost-effective alternatives to traditional silica fibers.

ArmD® Ultra WFGE

WFGE fibers stand out through maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.37. These silica-core fibers excel in performance and offer an expansive spectral range. Armadillo SIA’s WFGE fibers are available in a wide range of core diameter options that can be tailored to your specifications.


ArmD® Borosilicate

Borosilicate fibers offer great advantages for a range of applications at a lower cost. These fibers allow for tight packing within fiber bundles due to their high core-to-clad ratios, providing excellent light transmission.


Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA): Plastic, Step-index, Multi Mode Optical Fibers are robust, light weight, and can tolerate rough handling and severe bending unlike silica optical fibers. These advantages make PMMA optical fibers suitable for a wide range of applications.

ArmD® Multi-Core Optical Fiber

ArmD® Multi-Core Fiber Optics unlock a spectrum of capabilities for laser power delivery, providing precise control over power density and beam shape through the utilization of different cores or multiple cores simultaneously. Armadillo offers customizable multi-core optical fibers tailored to meet your specific needs.


ArmD® MIR optical fibers are high quality laser fibers for everything from medical treatments to FT-IR spectroscopy (4 – 16 µm).

ArmD® Fiber Taper Products

ArmD® fused tapered fibers are designed for deployment across the entire spectrum, spanning from deep UV to NIR wavelengths. Essential for accommodating variations in input and output diameters, these taper products offer a diverse array of options tailored for specific applications, ensuring flexibility to meet specialized requirements.

ArmD® Metal-Coated Silica Fibers

ArmD® silica fibers, coated with metals like Tin, Copper, Aluminum, and Carbon-primed Aluminum, boast exceptional heat resistance, outperforming other fiber types in high-temperature environments. Ideal for demanding settings, these metal-coated fibers ensure reliability and durability.

ArmD® Capillary CT, CTH

Our innovative ArmD® flexible silica capillary tubing offers the highest temperature capability in the industry at 400° C (ArmD® CTH).


Armadillo is pleased to introduce a new product designed for the UVC spectral range. Our UV NSS fibers boast enhanced solarization resistance, HardRad durability, and increased stability through a hermetic carbon layer, enabling a diverse range of applications


Armadillo’s non-circular core silica optical fibers exhibit exceptional performance and transmission to ArmD® UV/WF fibers with circular core geometry. Their excellent image scrambling and minimal focal ratio degradation make them ideal for astronomy applications. When paired with diode lasers producing square-shaped outputs, these square core fibers offer superior coupling efficiencies compared to circular fibers. In laser applications like surface pre-treatment, their square output beam allows for more uniform material processing, reducing reliance on beam shaping optics.

ArmD® UVWFS Broadband

Introducing ArmD® UVWFS Broadband by Armadillo: A remarkably low-loss solution optimized for wavelengths ranging from 200 nm to 2000 nm. This innovative fiber harnesses the combined properties of UV and WF fibers, tailored for a spectrum of technical applications, including broad spectroscopy and precision Astronomy Instruments.


ArmD® UV, ArmD® WF

Armadillo’s high quality ArmD® UV and ArmD® WF fibers showcase outstanding performance and transmission across a wide spectrum, from deep UV to MIR. Explore an array of jacket types and sizes, including customizable options designed to match your exact specifications.


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