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ArmD® NIR-Ge

Silica fiber with silicone cladding

NIR-Ge fibers stand out through maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.37. These silica-core fibers excel in performance and offer an expansive spectral range. Armadillo SIA’s NIR-Ge fibers are available in a wide range of core diameter options that can be tailored to your specifications.



  • Germanium-doped silica glass core
  • Step-index profile
  • Special jackets available for high temperatures, high vacuum and harsh chemicals
  • Very low NA expansion
  • Biocompatible material
  • Sterilizable using ETO and other methods

Wavelength / spectral range
ArmD® NIR-Ge: 400 – 2400 nm
Numerical aperture (NA)
0,37 ± 0,02 higher NA upon request
Operating temperature
0,37 ± 0,02 higher NA upon request
Core diameter
Available from 50 to 2000 μm
Standard core / cladding ratios
1 : 1,04 | 1 : 1,06 | 1 : 1,1 | 1 : 1,15 | 1 : 1,2 | 1 : 1,25 | 1 : 1,4 or customized 100
Standard prooftest
kpsi (nylon, ETFE, acrylate jacket) 70 kpsi (polyimide jacket)
Minimum bending radius
50 × cladding diameter (short-term mechanical stress) 150 × core diameter (during use with high laser power)

The following diagrams provide an overview of attenuation values relative to the wavelengths:


Primarily selected for applications such as spectroscopy, laser technology, research, photodynamic therapy, andvarious others.

  1. Fiber type - UV = ArmD® UV | WF = ArmD® NIR | NIR-Ge = ArmD® NIR-Ge | HUV = ArmD® HUV | HWF = ArmD® HWF
  2. Standard core / cladding ratios - Core ø (μm) / Cladding ø (μm)
  3. Buffer - H = hard polymer buffer | No information = silicone buffer
  4. Colour - B = black | BL = blue | W = white | Y = yellow | R = red | G = green | No information = transparent
  5. Jacket material - A = acrylate jacket (no buffer) | F = PFA Fluon® | N = nylon jacket (silicone or hard polymer jacket) T= ETFE jacket (silicone or hard polymer buffer) | P = polyimide jacket (no buffer)
  6. Numerical aperture (NA) - 12 = 0,12 | 28 = 0,28 | No information = 0,22 (standard)
Other products
ArmD® Plus UV WF

As the innovative leader of the fiber optic industry Armadillo is proud to introduce its new line of high NA silica/silica optical fiber – Armd® Plus. Featuring double cladding layers, Plus fibers offer exceptional performance from the deep UV to the MIR. Armd® Plus fibers are an exceptional option for a broad range of applications, from laser delivery to sensing.


ArmD® HUV and ArmD® HWF hard polymer-clad fibers offer high numerical apertures to suit a broad range of applications, from remote illumination to photodynamic therapy. This high-quality fiber is a cost-effective alternative to silica/silica fibers. Explore our range of jacket types and sizes, including customizable options crafted to precisely meet your specifications.


Armadillo’s plastic-clad silica fibers ensure high transmission values across UV to NIR wavelengths, catering to applications ranging from remote illumination to high-power laser delivery and spectroscopy. Our ArmD® PUV and PWF fibers, excelling in UV and MIR transmission, provide full bio-compatibility and cost-effective alternatives to traditional silica fibers.

ArmD® Borosilicate

Borosilicate fibers offer great advantages for a range of applications at a lower cost. These fibers allow for tight packing within fiber bundles due to their high core-to-clad ratios, providing excellent light transmission.

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