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2024 | Blog – Exploring Custom Optical Fibers from Armadillo

In the realm of photonics, the evolution of optical fiber technology stands as a testament to innovation. These tools push the boundaries of medical applications, and scientific research. Here at Armadillo, we pride ourselves on being a leading supplier in the fiber optical industry. Our wide array of specialized custom optical fibers are designed to meet the specific needs of diverse industries. 

With that said, our blog post delves into the intricacies of our custom optical fibers. We look into the unique properties and applications of these custom fibers, as well as the technological innovation that sets them apart.

The Spectrum of Customization

Our product line includes custom optical fibers. These have core sizes ranging from 20um to 2,000um and can accommodate customized numerical aperture (NA) values. This level of customization ensures optimal performance across a wide spectral range, from deep UV to mid-infrared (MIR). As finely tuned optical fiber solutions, they are available to fulfill a range of specific industry requirements. 

Innovative Fiber Types

Among our expansive offerings, several fiber types stand out because of their specialized applications and superior performance characteristics:

  • NCC Fibers: Designed for applications where precise output beam shapes and uniformity are essential, non-circular core fibers are available in a range of core/clad geometries. These include rectangular, square, and octagonal profiles.
  • Solarization-Resistant Fibers: Engineered for deep UV applications, UV NSS fiber provide outstanding solarization resistance and extra stability, plus improved performance in radiation environments.
  • High NA Silica/Silica Optical Fibers: Designed for exceptional performance from deep UV to MIR, these fibers are ideal for applications such as laser delivery and sensing. They feature double cladding layers for enhanced efficiency.
  • Hard Polymer-Clad Fibers: Offering a cost-effective alternative to silica fibers, these are suited for a range of applications, including remote illumination and photodynamic therapy, with high numerical apertures to ensure broad applicability.
  • Plastic-Clad Silica Fibers: With high transmission values across UV to NIR wavelengths, these fibers are tailored for spectroscopy, and remote illumination, providing a balance of performance and cost-efficiency.
  • Metal-Coated Silica Fibers: Engineered for high-temperature environments, these fibers are coated with metals like Tin, Copper, and Aluminum. They feature exceptional heat resistance, making them ideal for demanding industrial applications.

Specialty Applications of Custom Optical Fibers

You will find that our custom optical fibers are not just limited to traditional uses. We have developed fibers with unique properties to address niche applications:

  • Multi-Core Optical Fibers: These fibers allow for precise control over laser power delivery, beam shape, and power density. They offer customizable solutions for advanced laser applications.
  • Fused Tapered Fibers: Essential for applications requiring variations in input and output diameters, these fibers accommodate a wide range of wavelengths, providing flexibility for specialized requirements.
  • Flexible Silica Capillary Tubing: Offering the highest temperature capability in the industry, these capillaries are essential for applications requiring durability under extreme conditions.

The Armadillo Advantage

What sets us apart from other suppliers is the quality of our products and commitment to innovation and customization. 

We create custom optical fibers to specific customer specifications. That means that each solution is not only effective, but highly efficient and tailored to the unique demands of each application. This customer-centric approach, combined with cutting-edge technology, positions us as a leader in the optical fiber industry.

Ready to Browse our Custom Optical Fibers? 

The advancements of custom optical fibers and its related technology are pivotal in driving innovation across various sectors, from academia to healthcare. At Armadillo, we are always ready to provide specialized, custom optical fibers to meet the challenges of tomorrow. That way we can help to propel the industry forward.

By offering a diverse range of custom optical fibers, from specialty optical fibers to single mode fibers, that cater to the specific needs of clients, we can contribute to the advancement of fiber optics technology and enable the broader application of these technologies.

For more information on our innovative custom optical fibers and their applications, we invite you to visit our website. Our experts are available to help you with any questions you may have. Whether you are interested in nonlinear effects on fiber optic products or you want a fiber that incorporates core and cladding, our optical fiber specialists will always be here to assist you. 

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